Same Property – Same Tax

Lower Property Values = Higher Assessment Rates Below is a chart from a report by the Maricopa County Treasurer that illustrates the average “Assessed Tax” per $100,000 of Full-Cash-Value (FCV) for the various cities in the metro-Phoenix area. Generally, the higher assessed tax exists in communities where the individual property values are lower, and vice-versa. … Continued

Arizona “Sooners”

Arizona has also seen “Sooners”, somewhat similar to those of Oklahoma, except the Arizona version are after land with houses on them.

9324 S 33rd Dr. – Laveen

Home is better than new … Magnificant Mountain Views from Master and Patio … Beautiful Home and Community The Video below is nearly as good as being there … but not quite.  Would you like to take a look? Call The Neal Team Wally or Patricia 602-931-1010 or 480-310-3700

Déjà vu 2008?

Extremely Low Supply – Very High Demand – Loose Lending … where have we seen this before?

High-rise Condos Are Back

… and inner-City Living is seeing a lot more interest This is the surest possible sign that the metro-Phoenix housing market is back. High-rise condos are the type of dwelling that is the “last to rise” with an improving “market tide”, and the “first to fall” when that tide goes out. In downtown Phoenix, numerous condo projects are “full … Continued

Home Staging

Arizona Republic 06/15/2014, Page R01 PENNY WALKER/THE REPUBLIC SETTING THE STAGE FOR A SALE Making your property look model-home perfect shouldn’t break the bank A staged home is not real. You know it, I know it, the buyer knows it. When you walk into a bedroom with a throw placed artfully over the bedspread, topped … Continued

Closing Costs for Home Buyers

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Closing costs is a term many first-time home-buyers find confusing. Even though you knew you’d have to have a substantial down payment and moving expenses, you may never have imagined you’d be paying out-of-pocket thousands more dollars in service fees and expenditures known as closing costs. Here are some helpful tips you need to know … Continued

6 Steps to Buying a Home

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Buying a home is an exciting adventure. First-timers and tenth-timers alike get consumed by thoughts, daydreams, and ideas about what life will be like in that next home. To keep that adventure on-track and fun, you really need to be systematic. Here are six steps at the core of buying a house. 💲 Money Matters … Continued

Things to Consider when Pricing Your Home for Sale

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Selling your house is hard. You’d rather focus on the chapter that’s ahead of you than the one you’re preparing to close. You’re thinking of packing, loading trucks, transferring utilities, and tending to the details of your future. But you’ve still got to sell the house you’re in, which means you’ve got to price it … Continued

6 Steps to Selling a Home

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Even if you’ve not sold a home before, you likely are not surprised that there are many layers and levels of preparation and process before you no longer own the property. The needed preparation and the essentials of the various parts of the process are outlined below. The first step you should take is to … Continued