Metro Phoenix is about 70 miles north-south by 80 miles east-west and includes more than 30 cities, towns and communities. At the bottom of this page is an illustrative map.  Ahwatukee near Tempe, and Laveen to the west, are communities entirely within Phoenix city limits.

There are extreme differences
in housing sales, prices, listings, trends, etc.
across the metro Phoenix area.
The gauges below represent the
totals for all communities
or the medians for price and days-on-market.

For any city, town or zip code within this area
that is of special interest to you,

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current market information.

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How to read the Gauges

RBI Gauges Explanation image


Metro Phoenix Market Status and Trends

These charts are “live”, real … not “frozen”
and not in error!

The metro Phoenix market is at, or very near,
the extreme positive side of every metric,
except for “supply”, the number of homes listed for sale … bottom-left chart.
As indicated by that chart, the number of homes available for purchase is extremely low.