The USA has a housing shortage. Metro-Phoenix has a housing crisis.

Ida on McKinley - Six stories of apartments built from shipping containers
Ida on McKinley


Perhaps there is no stronger indication of the true nature of a situation than the innovation and novelty in the approaches to managing that situation.

Consider the following in evaluating the nature of the metro-Phoenix housing market.

Ida on McKinley … Six stories … 18 residential units … all from containers
… No/zero parking
This apartment complex is being built on what was a small parking lot … just 22 parking spaces.


The Oscar … 10 residential units … 2 retail spaces … all from containers


Culdesac Tempe
… Ultimately 761 residential units … 16,000 sqft. of retail
… No/zero  parking

NY Times Article … writer likely never here

In the NY Times article, metro-Phoenix is tagged as “the least sustainable city” because of sprawl. Metro-Phoenix has more sunlight than just about anywhere else in the USA, and solar is being adopted at a high and accelerating rate … sustained energy directly for every residence and vehicle. Plus, metro-Phoenix has no hurricanes, no tornados, no floods, no ice storms, no wild fires, etc. New York City and such are more sustainable than Phoenix??? I think not!

Because of the worst drought in 1200 years in the Southwest, metro-Phoenix does have a water issue. Metro-Phoenix, and Arizona in general, have been planning a long time for this issue but I have not yet seen a long term solution allowing continued unlimited growth.

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