If a hacker gets one of yours, is he/she likely to get access lots of places?

Use a password manager … and habits to make it work

With near-zero exceptions, if you have a significant connection to a website, you have an “account” there that requires login to access … a password. Very little Internet browsing soon results in a very long list of passwords.

Some people solve the problem by using simple and/or memorable passwords with little or no variation … simple! Too simple! Significant trouble is likely just a matter of time. And if you use the same password on many sites, even a strong one, a security breach on one site exposes all your logins. But how can you remember a different password for each and every website?

Answer … a password manager that can keep track of an infinite number of unique passwords … and even create strong ones for you.Password Icon

Several years ago, I started using the RoboForm password manager. I don’t remember why but three or four years ago I switched to LassPass. It logs the website URL and all aspects of the login automatically as soon as you’ve created one, and syncs all that for use on my smartphone.

PC Magazine recently published a password managers review listing the “best 10”, none of which is free but not expensive either. They previously published a similar article regarding FREE password managers. Compare features and choose the one that seems best for you.

Whether free or paid, a password manager is something everybody needs.

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