Rentals – What Next?

Both rental costs and sale prices in metro-Phoenix have increased shockingly over the last year. From September through February, the median rent increase percent was not as great as for sales prices, but with a super-tight for-sale inventory, the demand for rentals will likely drive that median even more strongly. The California migrants can afford the higher prices. Buy your home! … Eliminate the stress and difficulties sure to be coming with renting.

Median Rent vs Sale Prices Increases

Rent-vs-Buy … an increasingly critical issue

If you are renting your residence, you should consider a home purchase … NOW!  Yes, the appropriate conclusion MAY be to continue renting, but you should objectively review your rent-vs-buy analysis at least yearly … and especially now!

Why?  Because … (1) loan interest rates are near the all-time low; (2) over the long term, a home you own is most likely to be a major component of your wealth; (3) the rent you are paying is very likely more than all ongoing costs to own that home; and (4) that cost gap is only going to get bigger as the housing market gets increasingly tight.

If up-front cash seems to be your roadblock … keep reading … solutions are possible.

Free Guidance and Advice

For first-time buyers, the process and the numbers involved may be intimidating. No problem! For twenty-plus years, TNT – The Neal Team have assisted buyers of all experience levels through several hundred home purchase decisions and transactions. Most times, the decision is to purchase, but not always. There are legitimate reasons some folks should continue to rent, at least for a while, a couple of which are:  you don’t expect to live in the area more than a couple of years; your current financial health is in disrepair. We will take the time to go through the home buying process, answer all your questions … there are no dumb questions … and review all the issues so you feel confident about your rent-vs-buy conclusion.

What to Consider

Together, we will consider:

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Even more important, perhaps, is that our services to you as a buyer are FREE! Absolutely true! We never charge an up-front fee for any service. As buyer-agents, we are paid as a reduction in the net cash to the seller when/if there is a sale closing. You would NEVER get any sort of bill/invoice from TNT.

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