Writer and historian Wallace Stegner once referred to our national park system as the “best idea we ever had.” If not “the best”, for sure and especially as it has evolved, it was a truly great idea.

Worth planning some vacations around

I have a fascination with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), one of the pair of trails first designated as “National Historic” in 1968, as well as Grand Canyon trails. The National Trails are managed by the National Park Service (NPS). In researching to prepare for hiking, I came to realize what an incredible volume and variety of stupendous and interesting “treasures” the NPS manages.

Today the national park system includes more than 400 “sites”, many of which illustrate our nation’s illustrious – and often sobering – past … relatively few of which are “parks“. Learn more … What is the NPS – Click Here … and Learn and Explore – Click Here

Just below are links to a very small sample of the NPS treasures. Below that is the NPS website banner that is linked to that page. Take a look!

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NPS picture of American Revolution soldiersNPS Trail photo

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