Dwelling Type

Ownership for SFD and Lofts dwellings may “Fee Simple” or “Condominium”.
Having a shared wall or floor/ceiling, all of the others are necessarily “condo” ownership.

In terms of definition, Apartment Style – build for residential use, vertically stacked, 2+ levels. Lofts – industrial buildings converted to residential use. Duplex – attached, two units, any number of levels, also referred to as “Gemini” or “Twin”. Patio Home – attached, 3+ units in string, one level. Townhouse – attached, 3+ units in string, 2+ levels. SFD – detached units, any number of levels.

Duplex, Patio Home and Townhouse are very inconsistently applied by listing agents within the MLS. Starting here to search for one of these “attached” dwelling types, you should MODIFY SEARCH to include all three types and visually “filter” based on exterior pictures.


After clicking above on the Dwelling type you want to search for, on webpage that comes up, click on VIEW ALL RESULTS at the bottom of the pictures, then MODIFY SEARCH … to apply price, city location, and any other criteria filters you would like to apply.

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