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The TNT Privacy Guarantee  … simple and absolute!

      • We will not contact you except in response to your inquiries or registration, or to provide services to you as a Client.
      • We will NEVER divulge any of your personal information to anyone, except as you specifically instruct or authorize.
      • We endeavor to use secure Internet protocols so that your connection to our website cannot be intruded.
      • The only info retained by this website is the IP address of each visitor, the pages viewed and other such trivia, which are used for general traffic analysis, evaluation for website improvements, and to be able to distinguish between first-time and returning visitors.
      • Other than your IP address, we retain nothing specific to you except for information you explicitly submit.
      • If you establish an account, a saved search or any other record on this website and subsequently decide you want to discontinue, we have designed this website so that you likely will be able to affect that yourself. If you have difficulty with discontinuing, or just want us to do it, lets us know by email, text or a call and we will very promptly eliminate your account and/or other records to the full extent you direct.
      • The information you submit to establish an account is stored by our data services vendor who installs a “cookie” on your computer to facilitate your subsequent logins to your account. That cookie sends no data anywhere. It is easily deleted with your browser right along with all other cookies that have been installed by others. The effect of that would only be to require a full login on your next visit to your account here.
      • This Guarantee has been the TNT Privacy Policy for 20+ years.
        It will not be changed.


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