Crafting Your Offer

The most important factor to getting what you want … is to know what you want … and to prioritize if you have a list of wants.

The National Parks – Not just for a Walk In

Writer and historian Wallace Stegner once referred to our national park system as the “best idea we ever had.” If not “the best”, for sure and especially as it has evolved, it was a truly great idea.

Coincidence? Or Something else?

Did Abe Lincoln and John F Kennedy have an other-worldly connection? The Oxford English Dictionary defines coincidence as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” Was all of the following simple coincidence? • Lincoln and Kennedy were elected exactly 100 years apart. • They were killed by men born 100 years … Continued

Best Flooring for Resale Value

Home Remodel … What’s most important? We’ve all heard it … The three most important real estate issues … Location! Location! Location! Except that, for any given property, location is not changeable. The numerous TV programs devoted to home renovations are demonstrating that almost everything else about a given property is changeable. Knocking down a … Continued

Arizona Family Campout – A Learning Experience

Arizona takes getting outdoors seriously! Would you like some “pro” guidance on getting outdoors and camping? And especially for the kids so they have a good initial outdoor experience? Arizona State Parks and Trails has a treat for you … the Family Campout Program. Families that have little or no experience camping can enjoy a … Continued

Phoenix City North – Finally Going Forward

Page ContentsCity North – a monster issue in 2005Bankruptcy Court FinalityMajor Desert Ridge Corporate ResidentsMaricopa County – Continuing Highest Growth in US since 2016 City North – a monster issue in 2005 Consider this: Raw desert land zoned largely residential – $1 million per acre … actual 2006 auction bids for several large segments in … Continued