Home Remodel … What’s most important?

We’ve all heard it … The three most important real estate issues … Location! Location! Location! Except that, for any given property, location is not changeable.

The numerous TV programs devoted to home renovations are demonstrating that almost everything else about a given property is changeable. Knocking down a wall or two can transform a choppy kitchen-living room-dining room plan into a modern great-room and the perfect primary living space.

But what’s next in importance? Or what if you’re happy with your floor plan but bored with the rest of the house? And you don’t want to sell right away but you want to get maximum value benefit from any changes made?

Walking into several hundred homes with home-shopping buyers, I believe the interior feature that has the most profound effect is flooring. If that effect is significantly negative, probably the only offsetting factor is a low price. Even if the effect of flooring is neutral, the rest of the property had better be very positive.

Preferred styles, materials, colors, etc., change. And technology has greatly expanded the types of flooring that’s available. So, how do you choose? The factors for most folks are appearance, ongoing maintenance, resistance to damage and initial cost. For DIY folks, difficulty of installation is also rather high on the list. If you have to live in and around the install, this last issue can be an issue for most anyone.

Bottom line: First thoroughly consider the more modern materials such as engineered wood, vinyl, laminates, pergo, etc., that are going to be less costly and more easily installed. Collect some samples that you like the appearance of. Only then take a look at the more traditional and costly alternatives. There’s not much difference.

Here’s a rather through video presenting the different types of flooring.

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