ARMLS … Arizona Regional MLS

Every metro area of the USA is served by a MLS – Multiple Listing Service. The purpose of these organizations is to centralize data on properties that are being offered for sale or lease, and to provide that information to its Realtor® members to enable their professional activities.  Qualifying Internet-based organizations are allowed access to this data for presentation to the general public for the purpose of assisting the sales efforts of the MLS Realtor® members.

ARMLS – Arizona Regional MLS – was created in 1982. As of 2016, it provides the above functions for over 32,000 broker and agent subscribers for the approximately 60 by 80 mile area in Arizona that is centered on Phoenix and includes about two-dozen other cities, towns and communities. The coverage is likely to be expanded to include other parts of Arizona in the future.

ARMLS is presently owned by five local Realtor® associations: Phoenix, Scottsdale Area, SouthEast Valley, West Maricopa (county), and Western Pinal (county). ARMLS is governed by a Board of Directors composed of members of these local associations.

Only Realtors® who are members of one of these local association can submit data to ARMLS and have full access to the backend features and controls of the ARMLS system.

Agents who are not Realtors® have the same access as the general public.

In addition to MLS services, ARMLS provides services and controls for the electronic lockboxes that are an inherent part of an ARMLS listing.

A few critical points to remember:

  • ARMLS is the source for 95+% of all metro-Phoenix home for-sale and for-lease information that you see anywhere on the Internet
  • A local Realtor® can provide direct access to this information to you
  • Except for access provided by a local Realtor®, any such information you see anywhere is at least second-hand, and commonly very out-of-date

In any metro area, if you are serious about buying a home, the very first step you should take is to find a local Realtor® to assist you … and that may not be the first Realtor® you contact … ask as many questions as you need to find the Realtor® that you enjoy working with.

As a buyer, services provided to you by a Realtor® are likely to cost $0 … nothing … nada. Except for very unusual situations, the buyer’s agent gets paid only if there is a closed sale, and then only as a reduction in the net cash paid to the seller. A buyer who does not utilize the services of a Realtor® is just being dumb … I apologize for the bluntness, but decision is every bit that bad.

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