ARMLS Portal User Guide

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An ARMLS Portal is a fantastic tool for home shoppers, home sellers … and 

… home owners
… even those with no intent to ever sell.

Your home is an investment … a rather critical investment.
You may not want to take a look often, but
from time to time,
you will want to know about neighborhood values
or neighborhood activity

Following is an explanation of ARMLS Portal controls and reports.
At the bottom of this page is an explanation for how you can get free, no-hassle access to this fantastic resource.

ARMLS Portal Base Screen

The graphic below presents an initial ARMLS Portal screen.

As indicated at top-right of the display window, the display of the MAP was selected by the REALTOR® as the initial display for search results. The LIST, DETAIL and PHOTOS are also display options. Initially, the display will be for the property at the top of the search results list in the property-list sidebar just left of the main display window.

The portal controls are in the left-most sidebar. The home searches available in the portal are listed under Searches. In this example, there are two saved searches, but there is no practical limit to the number of search that could be available.

The search currently being applied will be darkened, in this case the second search. To know the criteria being applied to produce the list of properties for any of the listed searches, just hover your cursor over the search name.

The easiest way to add a search, or change criteria for a search, is to contact TNT. A link to a request form is included below, or call or email.

Click the search you want results for.

ARMLS Portal Map Dot Click Screen

MAP Property Dot

The gray-dot-with-white-star on the map marks the location for the currently highlighted property in the property-list sidebar.

If a property at a some other location on the map may be of special interest, simply click the dot. As illustrated above, there will be an info popup and the respective property highlighted in the left sidebar. You can then click DETAIL or PHOTOS to directly see that info for the property at that location.


As listed right-above the display window illustrated below, there are several reports involved in presenting property details, as discussed following.

DETAIL -> Report

This is the primary report for properties listed in ARMLS as either For-Sale or For-Rent. The ARMLS Portal Detail report is the only source for all info about a property. All other real estate websites, such as Zillow,, etc., report only selected parts. This is the only report that “tells all”, and it does it in a very organized and effective way.

ARMLS Portal screen - Detail


The LIST display is a fantastic tool for understanding the basic nature of the property and for evaluating and comparing properties. This report can be sorted on most columns by clicking on the column header and choosing either Ascending or Descending, thereby ordering the list on the column information and showing where the property ranks in the list on that basis.

After sorting, you may have to scroll the LIST report to get to the proprty of interest. The LIST line will be highlighted for that property when you get it in the display window, as illustrated in the LIST section below.

ARMLS Portal LIST Screen

DETAIL -> History

What has been the history of ARMLS listings for a property? Has it been sold before? When? For how much? Has it ever been a rental? For the current listing, has the price been changed? How many times? When? By how much?

The answers to all such questions are clearly answered by the HISTORY report for a property, which is one of the reports under DETAIL. This information is only available in ARMLS Portal reports.

The listing change details are revealed by clicking anywhere in the line for a listing on the HISTORY report, as illustrated below. In this example, the property has been listed seven times, five as a rental as indicated by the price. It was listed 99 days in 2008, but didn’t sell. The owner apparently continued living in it until 2013, at which time it was listed as a rental. Clicking in the line for the 2013 listing, you can see that the intial listed rent on June 30 was $1,150. On July 18, the listed rent was dropped to $1,095. The property was finally rented on August 2. The $1,111 amount likely includes a rent tax the owner had to pay because of owning three or more rental properties.

The property used in this example was chosen because of its extensive and varied listing history.


DETAIL – Tax Info … may also be labeled “Monsoon”

“Monsoon” … Strange name! … Fantastic info!  An Arizona “monsoon” is a small-scale version of such weather in southeast Asia. In the USA, monsoons are unique to southern Arizona. The local monsoons are generally liked because of the rain involved. They occur only in July and August when temps and humidity are at annual highs. Unfortunately, over the last decade, the local monsoons have become less frequent and milder.

Every parcel of metro-Phoenix real estate is included in the Monsoon database. The ARMLS Portal Tax-Info/Monsoon reports include several very revealing blocks of info for each parcel.

Below is an example of the top of the page for the ARMLS Portal Tax-Info/Monsoon report.

ARMLS Portal Tax Screen - Initial

The first sub-section of the Tax-Info/Monsoon report reveals physical facts about the property, including who built it.

ARMLS Portal Tax Screen - House Physical


The second sub-section of the Tax-Info/Monsoon report revels the deed history … who owned it, when bought and sold, how much paid, etc.

ARMLS Portal Tax Screens - Deed History

Subdivision – Tax History – Flood Zone

The bottom three sub-sections of the Tax-Info/Monsoon report reveal information about the subdivision, the property tax history, and the Flood-Zone status for the property.

That chart for the tax history reveals at a glance the investment potential for the property. The climbing chart for this example property is showing strong potential. This information is obtained from the County Tax Assessor database. In terms of appreciation rate for the property, it is generally creditable both for prior years and the projections. The tax base is usually about 80% of the actual market value for a property.

The year-to-year appreciation percent change is reported on the line labeled “FCV YoY Change”. The 2021 projection for almost all properties in the metro-Phoenix area is likely to be low compared to what is likely to happen, but, as we all know, 2020, 2021, and likely 2022, are unique in history for many reasons.

ARMLS Portal Tax Screen - Taxes

ARMLS Portal Access

The general public does NOT have access to ARMLS Portal reports unless a REALTOR® provides access. A licensed real estate agent who is not a REALTOR® has only the same ARMLS access as the general public.

You can access ARMLS Portal reports in three ways:

  • The REALTOR® creates an ARMLS Portal account for you that you can log into 24/7/365.
  • A search saved in your ARMLS Portal emails to you an alert, also referred to as a “feed”, for one or more properties matching your real estate criteria that have been newly listed for-sale, or had a change in price or listing status. You would click that link and log into your portal to see the reports.
  • The REALTOR® emails to you a direct link to ARMLS Portal reports based on real estate criteria you provide. No login is required here. Just click the link and you are taken directly to the reports. These links expire 30 days from when sent. The properties covered by these reports do not change, although current info will always be reflected … such as current list price, listing status, etc.

If you have occasional interest in metro-Phoenix real estate, as an owner, buyer, seller, or potentially any of these, you need an ARMLS Portal.  It’s really easy access to the very best info … nothing else comes close.

Call TNT for your ARMLS portal!  You’ll be focused on the exact info you want to see, and only that info, very promptly.

No other source is even close for completeness of info or effectiveness of presentation.

How do you get your portal?

Easy!  Call, text or email TNT – The Neal Team … Wally or Patricia
… 602-931-1010  or  480-310-3700  or
or go to a request form here.  Please be sure to include “Portal Request” in the “Message”

We respond to get your criteria, create your account and initial search, then send you a link to login
the instant you log in, you are immediately seeing homes of interest
Just dive in! … anytime!  Your portal is available to you 24/7/365

If the criteria needs adjustment … just let us know.
Very promptly, your portal will be even more sharply focused on exactly, and only, the properties of interest to you.


For information, guidance, services, questions …
Give us a call!  We’re here to help.
No strings … no obligations!
Call today! You’ll be really glad you did.

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