Lockbox Technology

Access to “take a look”LiveVirtualOpenHouse promotion

… at a home for sale is beyond “critical” … no access – no sale. It is also a fact that difficult access is near 100% certain to result in a longer time for the sale, and probably a lower price.

In addition to buyers and their agents, physical access will also likely be required for  inspection and appraisal. Allowing access only while you are home would be detrimentally restrictive for showings. Plus, you need to be gone when the agent and prospective buyer are touring your home.

So, how do you provide access while maintaining security? The answer:  a highly secure lockbox and tracking system.

What is a lockbox

A lockbox – a secure repository, steel box, attached to something exterior that is solid and solidly anchored that has a key to the front door. The attachment is usually to the pipe for a gas or water meter.

Obviously the “repository” must not be accessible except by persons who should have access.

Supra Lockboxes

Fortunately, the lockbox technology inherent in the electronic Supra lockboxes provided and controlled by ARMLS is truly extraordinary.

Pictured below are the SUPRA electronic iBox, and the Supra App as it would appear on a cellphone. A separate eKey device that can access an iBox can be leased from Supra, but nobody pays the cost and carries that extra device these days.

The iBox is almost 8 inches tall and is hefty – weighing over 2 lbs.

To access a Supra iBox, a person must apply to subscribe to the Supra service. Applications are carefully validated. Persons who are approved are issued a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is unique to that person. A valid PIN is the only way to access a Supra iBox.

Supra iBox Suprakey Cellphone App Display

How does it work?

Bluetooth technology is used by an iBox and the Supra App. The person accessing an iBox enters the PIN and holds his/her cellphone near the lockbox to gain access to the key container inside the lockbox.

The PIN for each Realtor® ensures that the system is secure even if the cellphone is lost or stolen … and that it is a unique PIN enables recording of a log of each lockbox access by that person.  Each time an iBox is opened, a record of the date and time of access is permanently recorded.

Access Alert

The Listing Agent is immediately sent an email and text by the person’s cellphone notifying of the lockbox access, including the property address and the person’s name, phone number, and corporate affiliation.

The effect of all this is that the Listing Agent is made aware of the details regarding the property access at “Internet” speed of when the iBox is activated … typically even before the accessing parties have gone through the front door.

The Listing Agent can set the Supra system to also simultaneously notify the Homeowner and any number of others of the lockbox access.

Who can access the lockboxes?

In addition to Realtors®, certain vendors, like inspectors and appraisers, can subscribe to the Supra system for access as their professions require, but this is very carefully controlled and those vendors must be registered with both ARMLS and the Supra system.

The Supra Lockbox system is very secure, effective and transparent.


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