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In this market, you searching for a home is largely a waste of time. When/if you finally stumble across a home you might want, that home will likely be sold. With an ARMLS portal, Your Dream Home will come looking for You! … and immediately upon becoming available. Get the details here … What is ARMLS?What is an ARMLS Portal?

An ARMLS Portal is a powerhouse tool for getting to the property first. And if it’s “the” property, likely to also submitting an offer first. If your offer is first, it is guaranteed to get serious consideration.

With COVID, TNT home buyer services are of the same exceptional quality as before, except much of it is “virtual”, which TNT has fully embraced. We can enable you to “examine” homes of interest to the point of knowing if a property is a real possibility, or not, and the process is actually a lot more convenient. Of course, for any property that is a real possibility, an onsite exam is essential, and we arrange that … actually, do that in some cases.

Even decades before COVID, several out-of-state clients made offers on properties they had not personally been onsite to … even $1+ million properties in a few cases …. an all-cash offer in one case … based on walk-around videos we provided. Of course, promptly after acceptance, an onsite visit was made by the client. Every such agreement went on to close, but we were prepared to have the escrow cancelled with earnest money totally refunded if the client had found the property unacceptable.

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A sincere thank you… You made home hunting more enjoyable than we could have hoped… The Neal Team (TNT) is for real. You two compliment each other very well. We appreciate your gracious efforts, your service attitude, and your patience. ~ Paul & Sandy Stoffel, Scottsdale

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“Your time, attention, humor, concern, and company meant as much as your deft professionalism. Service is my business. You two are World Class. ~ Betty Bruckner, Chandler

Glenda and I cannot thank you enough. Over the years, we have been relocated several times & thought a few of the realty professionals were pretty special – and they were – but none can hold a candle to TNT. Professional, knowledgeable, detailed, through, effective, consistent … just begin to describe the level of service you provide, with energy and infectious enthusiasm that are just incredible. You make things happen and you make it fun. ~ Stan & Glenda Davis, Scottsdale


Buying a Home Should be FUN! As Paul, Sandy, Betty, Stan, Glenda and a great many others have experienced … for homes as a residence, second home, or for pure investment … we’ve developed a unique ability to make the buying process a joyful adventure!


First, there is never any pressure. We fully appreciate that buying real estate is a big-money decision, and particularly critical if for a home. Second, we ask lots of questions, listen to your answers, and then focus on your needs, preferences and criteria. We don’t waste your time and energy showing you properties that just don’t “fit”. Third, we work to highlight the fun inherent in finding, evaluating, and taking your choice from the numerous alternatives, a new home or re-sale home as you prefer.

Incidentally, we do NOT charge an additional or separate fee for TNT Home Buyer services. Our compensation comes from the seller’s side ofBuyer Agent No-cost Sign the transaction … as a buyer, TNT will not cost you a penny!

Once you arrive at your choice, the fun gets serious. Based on the experience of several hundred real estate transactions, we know how to craft an offer that has has chance of acceptance. The we have the tactics, approaches and negotiating techniques to get you the best price, terms, and financing. We then help you to select a top-notch inspector, to evaluate all disclosures and inspection results, to reach a final purchase decision, and then to complete all the steps to a successful close.

By the way, you really need this level of support for purchase of … a new home … a lender-owned/REO property … or a short sale property … or any other situation where the seller is a corporate-level professional. The people on the other side of those tables are “pros” with a dedication to profit. You need a “pro” on your side of the table.

A critical fact … the broker/agent you see named in any form of advertisement for a new or re-sale property is, by contract, the representative of the Seller of that property! He/she has specific duties to the Seller and is legally limited in the advice that can be provided to you as a Buyer. In fact, for a new home purchase you must sign a disclosure acknowledging that the sales-office agent exclusively represents the builder.

We are Full-Service Realtors® … providing the comprehensive home buyer services and guidance you need to find, select and secure your best residential property choice. Check out our FREE 13-page booklet How to Buy – Step by Step.

We truly believe the metro-Phoenix area is the best place on the planet to live, as well as a great place for investment, which every real estate purchase is. We truly enjoy assisting others with this investment … almost all of whom come to the same conclusions about Arizona as a place to live.


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