Intimidating as it may be, looking back decades later, buying your first home will likely be your most-satisfying decision.

Yes, just “Do it!”

This will likely be my shortest post ever. I don’t want to dilute the message with excess words.

Here are fundamental issues:

  • If you own your home, your home is likely to ultimately be a major part of your wealth.
  • If you do not own your home, your home is likely to be your biggest cost of living.
  • If you can pay the rent being charged these days, you can easily pay the mortgage and all ongoing homeowner costs.
  • In metro-Phoenix, the time to buy is NOW! because home prices are only going up … that’s absolutely for certain for a few years at least.
  • Interest rates are also going up for the foreseeable future. And 5% is still lower than the historical norm.

So … call, text, or email us – TNT … will will help you Do It!  FREE!
Or, if not us, some other Realtor®. Just Do it!

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