Although the linked PDF is entitled “for Selling”, the tips apply just as well for preparing to Lease, or just making the home a more attractive, less cluttered and nicer place to live.

50 Home Tips – for Selling, Leasing or just Living

There are “tons” of articles about preparing a home for sale … a couple previously published on this website. I 50 Tips Coverseldom take a look, not even briefly, but the title of this one offers “50” tips, and the author tag line indicates she has a total of 301. Really??  That would seem to require a good many of the “tips” to be rather trivial.

With that thought, I had to take a look. I don’t know about the other 251 (301-50), but the 50 in the linked PDF are all worth considering. You can check it out and download if you wish – just click this link … 50_tips_for_selling

Want to see samples of perfect home prep … take a look at a few new-home models. Yes, a home that’s lived in is never going to be so “perfect” and impersonal, but  the closer you get to that attractiveness and simplicity, the better.

The before-and-after photo included below illustrates the effect of “staging” a home for sale or leasing, which can have a very powerful, positive impact on home selling efforts. “50 Tips” includes staging sorts of changes, but goes deeper than staging.


Home Staging - Before and After


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