FSBO … For Sale By Owner

Ask anyone who has ever put up a FSBO sign … the phone begins to ring rather quickly … calls from real estate agents looking to obtain the listing.

And that’s just the beginning of the “no fun”. Really irritating is someone from the neighborhood with a property similar to yours taking a look before listing their property. Then there is the Sunday “lookie lou” out for a drive with nothing better to do than to track through your house.

Worst of all, in setting their max price, “real” buyers will take the common 6% commission right off what they determined to be the market. Thus, the few successful FSBO sellers go through all the work, irritations, and frustrations, and take longer for zero ($0) benefit … in fact, commonly netting less.

Besides the irritations and a lower price that FSBOs have always had to contend with, these days selling real estate is increasingly more difficult, more technical, and in some ways more dangerous than ever.

The days of purely emotional buying are gone. Every buyer coming through the door is going to demand knowing a LOT of facts … and if the “facts” you give them prove later, even years later, to be false and significant, you could well be headed for a lawsuit. See this critical SPDS discussion.

But some people insist on giving FSBO a try … so just click this link for a FREE 14-page guide How to Sell … Step by Step  that we update whenever we think of something additional.

Why do we do this? Because 90+% of owners who try to FSBO eventually engage a REALTOR® to get their property sold. If you come to that decision, we would appreciate that you at least consider TNT to manage the sale of your property.


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