Arizona Home Buying Inspections

Arizona home buying inspections … Buying a home that has unexpected and significant problems is an expensive and frustrating  “bummer” … especially since this is easily avoided … by a professional inspection.  Even this does not provide an absolute guarantee, but it greatly lessens the probabilities.

New-Home Inspection

Even for, actually especially for, a brand new home, Buyers should consider the use of a professional inspection service. Generally, the right to a professional inspection of a new home must be negotiated as part of the purchase agreement.

Resale-Home Inspection

For a resale home, a professional inspection is simple common sense. In section 6a, the Purchase-Contract sets 10 days as the time limit for the buyer to provide to the seller a BINSR listing any “items disapproved”. However, buyer and seller may agree to a longer period if that’s needed.

The cost range is from about $300 to $600, depending on the size of the home, number of floors, and amenities (pools, spas, etc) … minor compared to the cost of a home, and less than most significant repairs.

The inspections are comprehensive, covering the entire structure and lot drainage.  Where problems with major elements are apparent, such as a roof or pool, additional specialized inspections should be done. Specialized inspections should also be considered for unusual items, such as a septic system.

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections are usually required by the lender and are separate from the physical inspection. The inspection company should be properly bonded and insured.  And to avoid any possibility of conflicts, such inspection companies do not make repairs.  Their service is advisory only.

Home Warranty

A “Home Warranty” is essentially a one-year insurance policy that financially protects the home owner from breakdowns in heating, plumbing, electrical, and appliance systems and equipment.  Structural elements, such as roofs, are not covered by most policies, although there are exceptions.

If a breakdown occurs, the home owner calls the home warranty company, who then calls the repair service they have contracted with for the respective faulty item. The home owner pays the fixed policy “deductible” fee, usually in the $50 to $75 range for each repair.

The warranty company usually pays the rest of the repair cost, which can be thousands of dollars, although for some repairs there may be a maximum amount the warranty company must pay. For example, an air conditioning system … the limit is typically just $1,000 … not nearly the cost of replacement. Federal law requires that really old systems be replaced, prohibits repair.


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