Arizona Home Buying – Major “Do Not!”

Major do NOT:

  •  Do not develop an attitude that some deal must be made for a property. There is little negotiation thereafter.
  • Do not exaggerate to the lender, even for the verbal pre-qualification.
  • Do not fail to disclose all seller-involved financing, if any, to your lender.
  • Do not buy a property that is over-built, unless the price per-square-foot is low for the area.
  • Do not do your walk-through inspection more than a few days before close of escrow, or before the seller is moved out for a re-sale.
  • Do not close on a new home until it’s finished, i.e., completely move-in ready.  For a new home, careful negotiation is required on this point. Builders tend to be very strict about contract compliance. Do not accept as a closing condition anything other than total completion of construction of all aspects of the property.

New Home Purchase.

A most-important “do not” … do not deal with builder personnel by yourself.

As stated for New-Home Buying Secrets and Major Do’s, it may be even more important that a Buyer be represented by a Realtor® for a new home purchase. With few exceptions, home builders servicing the metro area deal with buyers in good faith, and make every effort to deliver the product promised. But everyone on the builder’s side of the negotiations is a well-trained “pro” who have legal and financial reasons to put the builder’s interests first.

You truly need a “pro” on your side of the transaction.  Best of all  –  your “pro” , TNT, is available to you without even a penny charge to you.


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