Arizona New-Home Buying Secrets

Know this … the cost to you for Realtor® buyer-broker servcies is likely to be zero … $0 … nada … not one penny. Keep that in mind as you read the following.

The Critical New Home Secret

Have your Realtor® with you on every meeting with any builder representative.

In every meeting you have with builder personnel, the person(s) on the other side of the table from you … is going to be very well-trained and dedicated to securing the most favorable deal possible … for the builder! In fact, they have a legal obligation to do that, as well as financial incentives to do that.

In fact, every builder requires every buyer of one of their homes to sign a disclosure that the office sales agent is the representative of the builder exclusively!

All builder personnel are likely to be very friendly, accommodating and helpful … especially the sales agent … that’s integral to their job … but it’s the builder’s best interests that he/she is primarily taking care of.

The buyer that goes into that “lion’s den” without an expert on their side of the table is being VERY foolish … especially since that expert assistance is absolutely FREE to the buyer. Your agent is paid when/if there is a sale closing as a reduction in the net cash to the builder from the transaction.

The Tedium

Also, if you have been through the new-home contracting and specification process, you know how detailed, technical, extensive, and tiring it is. The decisions made in the late stages of this process commonly cause significant disappointments later.

TNT – The Neal Team have been there to successfully support our Clients through this process literally hundreds of times. We do not get intimidated, confused, overwhelmed, or tired.

Secret #2 – Do NOT go through this process in one sitting.

Quality Control

And the struggle does not stop with conclusion of the contract and design decisions. For one example – one of our Clients had ordered granite for the Kitchen countertop backsplash, that had beautiful contrasting diamonds in the center areas. The builder installed two electrical outlets right through the diamond squares – turning a beautiful and very expensive upgrade into something bazar. The builder refused to make any changes for the Buyer. We, TNT, convinced the builder to move the outlets and reinstall the granite.

For another example – a two-story home next to that of a Client was built as close as possible to the property line. The roof overhang was so close to the fence that runoff from a heavy rain would have poured into our Client’s yard right on top of the air conditioners. With persuasion by TNT, the builder installed the gutters necessary to eliminate the problem.

Problems of this nature are fairly common and most builders “fix” them without too big a battle. We, TNT, know how to apply extraordinary pressure when this is required.

Want to know who the better builders are? Give us a call – we have the survey results.


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