An ARMLS portal is

  • direct access to the best, most complete info on the planet for metro-Phoenix Homes
  • Best info for “Active” Home listings
  • Best info for previously sold Homes
  • Best info for the history of each Home

No other source on the planet is even close
for completeness of info or effectiveness of presentation

ARMLS "Classic" Portal Report Samples
Below are illustrations of Two of the near-dozen that are available

1 - LIST Display ... The LIST may be sorted on any column
ARMLS Portal List Dispay

2 - DETAIL Displays ... REPORT display is every listing detail ... and there are many others
ARMLS Portal Details Display
  • the exact same database used by local REALTORS®
  • “the” source of all Internet listed homes information for metro-Phoenix
  • very comprehensive search tools … including, for example … $$/Square Foot
  • the capability to set up alerts for new and/or changed listings that meet your search criteria
    so that you know about new listings before anyone else
  • the capability to “save” individual properties to go see, or keep watch on
    just call, text or email us to take a look

How do you get your portal?
Call, text or email TNT – The Neal Team … Wally or Patricia
… 602-931-1010  or  480-310-3700  or
… or Click Here … for a contact form

We respond to get your criteria, create your account and initial search, then send you a link to login
… so that the instant you log in, you are immediately seeing homes of interest
… just dive in!


You may be wondering … “Why not just search on this website?
… or zillow, or, or any other real estate website

The searching you can do on this website is very good, the best available to the general public
… the search tools here are strong and the data is updated multiple times during the day
But the extensiveness of ARMLS “Classic” portal info has no comparison
Plus … ARMLS portal info can be more current by several hours during the day
… after all, this is the data used by Realtors® to do their job
and sometimes a few hours can make the difference in you getting your dream home.

If you have any difficulties, questions, issues, etc.,
or to take a look at a property that might be of interest
… please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us.

If you are truly serious about your search, once your criteria is focused
… save that searchon this website, or in you portal.

You will then get an “Alert” whenever a new matching listing is entered to ARMLS, or a matching property changes status or price. This is the absolute best way to stay right on top of all properties that are of potential interest to you.


For information, guidance, services, questions …
Give us a call!  We’re here to help.
No strings … no obligations!
Call today! You’ll be really glad you did.

The TNT Privacy Guarantee

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